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Boarding Contract


Vacation retreat and grooming studio

Boarding Contract

• This is a contract between The Pampered Pooch Retreat and the pet owner whose signature appears below.

• OWNER has stated that their dog or dogs are not aggressive towards other animals or people, DO NOT have fleas and is on a flea program ie. Advantage,Frontline...

• OWNER agrees to pay the rate for boarding in effect the day of check in, and further agrees to pay for all grooming services if requested.

• If your pet becomes ill or if the state of your pet’s health requires a veterinarian’s professional attention, The Pampered Pooch Retreat will contact an emergency

veterinarian. Expenses there of shall be paid by the OWNER.

• The daily boarding charge applies the day you check your pet in and each subsequent day he or she is here after 9:00 am.

• All pets are boarded at The Pampered Pooch Retreat without liability on our part for damage, loss of items, injury to persons or other animals.

• This contract applies to this stay at The Pampered Pooch Retreat as well as all subsequent stays.

Pet’s name ________________________________________________________________



I have read this agreement on this date, ____/____/____, understand its terms and signed it freely.

Signature of Owner or Owner’s Agent: __________________________________________

THE PAMPERED POOCH RETREAT Representative__________________________


We understand that people need to cancel appointments and emergencies happen and plans change. We ask that you please give us 48 hours notice prior to your appointment. 


Please be advised that failure to provide 48 hours notice before a cancelled reservation for your pooch will result in a 50% charge. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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